My approach is very open and honest and I truly want my clients to get what they need from our time together. I practice across a wide range of issues and have experience working with areas including anxiety, bereavement, bullying, depression, lack of purpose or motivation, loneliness, loss of identity, low self-esteem, life changes,  relationships, and work issues, including those relating specifically to young adults.


If you can't see what you need in my areas of expertise, please get in touch for an informal chat about how I might be able to help. If I can't help you I will do my best to signpost you to someone who can.



Should we decide to work together, our sessions will either be held Online via Zoom, or in-person at The Willow Herbal Centre in Romford RM3, depending on your preference and we would usually meet on the same day and time each week.


Counselling is a collaborative process and I will work with you from the start to identify what you want, or hope for, from your sessions and to agree on how we can best work together to achieve this, with regular reviews to check how we are doing. The number of sessions will depend on your needs and goals, and I usually allow the first few sessions for us to explore these as we get to know each other.

I will ask you to sign and return a counselling contract, and a client information form prior to our first session. The contract outlines the mutual responsibilities and terms of our therapeutic relationship, whilst the information form collects medical information and emergency contact details to help me to keep you safe.

Please read my Privacy Policy, which outlines your rights and my obligations with regard to collecting, using, sharing and storing your personal information.



Using therapy cards to explore how 'core needs' were, or were not met in childhood and adulthood

Image of therapy cards used to explore how core needs were met or unmet in childhood and adulthood

I believe we all have within us the power to find our way forward when life knocks us off our feet, but we can’t always see it, we don’t always believe it and sometimes we can become stuck and lose sight of it. Seeking help is the first step.

I can’t give you all the answers to your problems, as I believe that only you know what the right answer for you is. But I will come with you on that journey of exploration as you learn more about yourself. I will help you to look at your problem or situation more clearly, offering different perspectives and deepening understanding, and together we can explore all of the possible solutions. I will support you to make the right decisions for yourself but not by yourself.